Scott Dinges was a devoted math instructor with CEO for over 7 years. He dedicated his career to educating children and adults, and held the belief that education and meaningful work are essential elements for avoiding recidivism. Scott was a life-long learner earning his Bachelor’s degree in secondary education and a Bachelor of Science degree in Ministry. His dedication to CEO’s mission has left an impact on the staff, students, and community. This scholarship fund is in memory of Scott Dinges who passed suddenly in March of 2018.


The William Scott Dinges Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to adults residing within community corrections who cannot afford the cost of the high school equivalency testing fees. The completion of a high school education is an important factor for those trying to lead productive lives. CEO understands that many students cannot afford the cost of the HSE test. With your help, HSE testing-fee scholarships can be awarded to students! 

HSE testing centers charge $29.70 per test section and there are five sections: reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. The entire test costs $148.50.