In 1990, our founders recognized the lack of educational opportunities for inmates transitioning back into the community. At that time, there were no educational services offered to Denver community corrections clients, nor were there any local adult education providers specializing in meeting the distinct needs of people at risk of incarceration. CEO started as an in-house education program at Alpha Center, a transitional facility between prison and the community. With the successes at Alpha, CEO was able to establish in-house education programs at other facilities. Funding was acquired from the Adult Education Act, the McKinney Act, the Division of Criminal Justice, the Workforce Investment Act, Adult Education and Family literacy Act, and private and in-kind contributions.

We believe in giving our students the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty, addiction, and incarceration.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide educational services
to adults with barriers to reach
their employment potential. 

Our Vision

CEO connects with local community corrections, drug rehabilitation, and community-based facilities in an effort to help clients become productive members of society. Through the coordination of tutoring, testing, and employment coaching, CEO provides support to adults dedicated to improving their lives. 

Make a difference in our students' lives.

Government Grant - $309,802          Individual Contributions - $8,672

Foundation Funds - $11,400​             Partner Site Contributions - $311,572

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