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Meet Our Staff

We are dedicated to helping our students break barriers to reach their full employment potential. Our staff includes passionate, life long learners who have experience in education, nonprofit managment, and workforce development. CEO values diversity and inclusion and we are committed to creating a safe and welcoming work environment. 

Lori Cuno
Lori Cuno

Executive Director

Lori has a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Regis University. She has been working with historically marginalized communities since 2004. Lori has a background in the non-profit sector, leadership, mental health and education.

Hope Harbert .jpg
Hope Harbert

Director of Operations

I help our clients obtain their high school diplomas and better prepare them to reenter the workforce through job readiness training and career navigation at the ICCS Greeley facility. I like working with Community Educational Outreach because of the population we serve. I enjoy uplifting my students and looking for new ways to improve the lives of those we serve.

Traci Cullins-Clark

Adult Education Instructor

Just call me “CC”. I teach math and science classes and provide tutoring and career guidance at ICCS Lakewood. I enjoy being a part of CEO due to the opportunity to impact a student’s success as they gain skills, confidence, and independence in preparation for transitioning back to life in the community.

Michelle photo.jpg
Michelle Hogan

Adult Education Instructor

I teach Language Arts during the HISET program and assist students with job preparation in the HIRE II program. I am excited every day to come to work and make an impact on the lives of our students. I love that CEO is focused on helping individuals improve their skills and providing them with an opportunity to succeed in life. I truly believe there is power in being a lifelong learner. When a student overcomes an obstacle, there is a powerful change in their perception on life. This is “lightning in a bottle” and it cannot be measured.

Tim Willis

Adult Education Instructor

I teach language arts and assist with the HIRE program. I hope my students will leave my lessons with a better understanding of English in order to pursue satisfying jobs in the community. I like teaching language skills to students enrolled in CEO classes in order for them to pass the GED tests so that they will earn a higher income through better employment with their language abilities and education credentials.

Alan Mintz

Adult Education Instructor

Alan assists clients in the HIRE program in the Pueblo area, helping them achieve their professional goals.  Alan considers himself fortunate to be able to utilize his background as an educator and corporate trainer as he greatly admires the mission of Community Educational Outreach and strives to give CEO's clients the tools they need. "Life is a journey and at CEO I enjoy helping our clients create their path to a better future."

Kim Keeler.jpg
Kim Keeler

Adult Education Instructor

How many people can say that they feed their passions everyday at their chosen profession? "I thoroughly enjoy teaching clients Math at the Adams site as they pursue their GED.  With my prior teaching and education experience, this job seemed the perfect fit for me. I was drawn to the possibility of making a difference, aiding, encouraging and instructing others. I also help clients with job readiness by assisting them in creating their portfolio, job searching, and completing a practice interview. It is rewarding to see the clients move quickly through the process and land a job that truly interests them."

Gina Hill

Employment Readiness Specialist

I am the Employment Readiness Specialist at the Adams County site. I'm responsible for guiding students through our HIRE program and assisting them with gaining skills for employment. I enjoy helping clients find the resources they need to transition successfully back into the workforce. I believe people are our greatest resource and CEO truly supports that vision. 

Sharon Lezotte

Adult Education Instructor

At Stout Street Foundation, licensed clinical staff provide evidence-based group, individual, and family therapy as the foundation of their holistic healing experience.  CEO partners with organizations to provide education and employment services to adults with barriers to employment who have experienced homelessness, addiction, and chronic unemployment. Sharon is an instructor of the GED program at the Stout Street partner location. Sharon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the CEO team.

Ray Sorensen

Adult Education Instructor

Ray has taught language arts and English as a second language in the US, Haiti, Mongolia, and India. In addition to teaching, his career in public service has included a stint in the Peace Corps and responding to disasters like tornadoes, wildfires, and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico with the American Red Cross. His passion for the written word has put him to work as a speechwriter in the US Senate, a travel blogger, and a freelance editor. He is grateful for the opportunity to share his passion with CEO's clients as he helps them find meaningful work through the HIRE program and prepares them for the GED as a language arts instructor. 

Chris Ward

Program Coordinator

I work as a math instructor and help clients with job readiness training in our HIRE program.  The clients that I've worked with unanimously express a great deal of gratitude for the work we do and the assistance we offer. When a student overcomes a difficult educational or employment related obstacle, there is a very obvious moment of pride as well as an impression of restored agency that is incredibly fulfilling to witness as an educator, mentor, and human. 

Kim Womantree

Adult Education Instructor

Kim believes education is a continuous process that includes all aspects of life. "At CEO, we work with formerly incarcerated adults who are transitioning back into the mainstream; they have life experiences and hard-won wisdom. My job is to build on that wisdom with academic knowledge and credentials, and with presenting their skills to employers in work searches. Our goal is always to  help clients to move through obstacles and succeed in their goals."

Shahrane Karim

Instructor/Team Lead

I teach language arts and mathematics while assisting students with career readiness and employment in Pueblo. My favorite part of what I do is getting to work closely with students and watching them flourish and build confidence. I strive to create a classroom that nurtures courage, curiosity, and collaboration. Every day is an opportunity to make a difference!

Steve Jacbosn

Adult Education Instructor

Steve brings to CEO a wealth of information and experience in both academia and social causes. While in graduate school,  on his way to enter government service, he developed the bug for teaching (teaching fellowship) and working for nonprofits whose main purpose was that of helping under-served communities.  Upon exiting government service,  Steve maintained executive positions in both private and public companies,  all the while founding several nonprofits to work with inner city youth.  From this,  it became a natural progression to seek out CEO to combine his love of teaching and nonprofit service, full time. 

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