Meet Our Staff

We are dedicated to helping our students break barriers to reach their full employment potential. Our staff includes passionate, life long learners who have experience in education, nonprofit managment, and workforce development. CEO values diversity and inclusion and we are committed to creating a safe and welcoming work environment. 

John Golden

Executive Director

I am responsible for executing the strategic goals and mission of CEO and leading our incredible team. I joined CEO in 2021 with over 20 years of nonprofit management experience. I believe in the power of education and providing opportunities for students to achieve stability and a better life for themselves and their families. I'm inspired by the Charles Dickens quote, “no one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” 

Traci Cullins Clark.jpg
Traci Cullins-Clark

Adult Education Instructor

Just call me “CC”. I teach math and science classes and provide tutoring and career guidance at ICCS Lakewood. I enjoy being a part of CEO due to the opportunity to impact a student’s success as they gain skills, confidence, and independence in preparation for transitioning back to life in the community.

Hope Harbert .jpg
Hope Harbert

Adult Education Instructor

I help our clients obtain their high school diplomas and better prepare them to reenter the workforce through job readiness training and career navigation at the ICCS Greeley facility. I like working with Community Educational Outreach because of the population we serve. I enjoy uplifting my students and looking for new ways to improve the lives of those we serve.

Chris .jpg
Chris McCloskey

Adult Education Instructor

I am the GED instructor at TGTHR in Boulder. Teaching GED is the culmination of a life well lived. The identifying thread through most of my life has been to recognize opportunity and facilitate transitions in others. TGTHR is a perfect fit!

Chris Ward

Adult Education Instructor

I work as a math instructor and help clients with job readiness training in our HIRE program.  The clients that I've worked with unanimously express a great deal of gratitude for the work we do and the assistance we offer. When a student overcomes a difficult educational or employment related obstacle, there is a very obvious moment of pride as well as an impression of restored agency that is incredibly fulfilling to witness as an educator, mentor, and human. 

Anna Lord

Director of Operations

I am the Director of Operations and I assist in the overall strategic and operational responsibilities for CEO’s staff, programs, and execution of its mission. I love working with CEO because I am able to make a real difference every day. I always feel so delighted and proud when I am able to help a student obtain their diploma, get a job they are proud of, and face the world with the tools and confidence they need to improve their life.

Claudia Torres.jpg
Claudia Torres

Adult Education Instructor

I teach language arts and assist students in the HIRE program at ICCS-Pueblo. I am grateful to
have the opportunity to work with the students as they gain confidence and skills that allow
them to be successful with transitioning back to the community and achieving independence.

Justin Reding

Adult Education Instructor

I teach math to students seeking an HSE certification, assist students with finding employment, and provide guidance for career navigation. My role as a teacher in Greeley is rewarding because a real difference can be made in students’ perceptions toward mathematical problem solving skills. I strive to achieve student development and- in turn- the students inspire me to be the best possible educator I can be.

Gina Hill

Employment Readiness Specialist

I am the Employment Readiness Specialist at the Adams County site. I'm responsible for guiding students through our HIRE program and assisting them with gaining skills for employment. I enjoy helping clients find the resources they need to transition successfully back into the workforce. I believe people are our greatest resource and CEO truly supports that vision. 

Karl Bellerjeau.jpg
Karl Bellerjeau

Adult Education Instructor

I teach language arts classes and help clients in our HIRE program with job readiness training in Boulder. Those who come to our lab find a place where they can move towards their goals and contemplate where they want their paths to take them; helping to provide space for that is
wonderful and fulfilling. Students I meet appreciate the resources we provide, and inspire me in new ways every day.

Andrea Bell

Adult Education Instructor

I teach Language Arts classes, provide tutoring and vocational guidance, and teach the all HIRE workshops for CEO at the ICCS Women's facility in Lakewood. I enjoy working for CEO because I feel we provide an invaluable service to individuals who have been involved in the criminal justice system. I also enjoy being able to  make a positive impact in someone’s success.

Jacquelin Hernandez Portillo

Program Coordinator

 I teach math and language classes and assist students in our HIRE and Career Navigation program.  I love working with CEO for many reasons but the most prominent is that their mission aligns with my morals and beliefs.  My favorite aspect about working as an instructor for CEO is that I get to see results.  I get to see students learn new concepts, pass a test with substantially higher scores, get their GED, get the job they applied for, etc. and that makes the hard work completely worth it.

Tim Willis

Adult Education Instructor

I teach language arts and assist with the HIRE program. I hope my students will leave my lessons with a better understanding of English in order to pursue satisfying jobs in the community. I like teaching language skills to students enrolled in CEO classes in order for them to pass the GED tests so that they will earn a higher income through better employment with their language abilities and education credentials.

Jonathan St Onge.jpg
Jonathan St. Onge

Adult Education Instructor

I am the Language Arts Instructor in Adams County. I'm honored to be a part of CEO's mission in fostering educational and employment opportunities for this vulnerable population. A successful student is someone that not only obtains their GED certificate, but also comes away from this program believing in themselves as much as I believe in them. Their success is my success.